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A Guide to Brexit

To all of our EU based customers, don’t let Brexit stop you from purchasing from us. We are still supplying many restoration kits to customers based throughout the EU. Please do not let Brexit jeopardise your restoration for a bit more paperwork; we still make the best kits for these cars and the difference in cost after Brexit is minimal.


We have explained the new way of trading post Brexit in this simple guide.

Pre Brexit (before January 2021)

Before Brexit, you PAID UK TAX (VAT 20%) on all items at the point of sale; and the goods simply were delivered to your address with the no requirement for customs checks and no further charges/taxes applied.


Post Brexit (from January 2021)

Now, after Brexit, you NO LONGER PAY UK TAX (VAT 20%). Instead you PAY YOUR LOCAL COUNTRY TAX (15% – 25%) + A SMALL ADMIN FEE (€10-€15) upon the parcel’s arrival in your country. These charges are paid directly to customs – they will be in contact with you once they receive the parcel to arrange payment.

NO Duties / Tariff charges should be payable on our goods. As all our parts are made within the UK, they are Zero-Rated (0%). We supply all of the correct documentation and declarations for the shipment process to support the UK Manufacture Proof for no duty/tariff charges.


Overall, there is very little difference between the total cost of your order between pre and post Brexit; it is simply the process that has changed with two points of payment now requiredone to us, and the other to your local country customs officials.

We will email you a copy of your shipping invoice as the goods leave our factory in the UK so that you have visibility of the same documentation that is reviewed at customs.