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Please note that our phone lines are currently turned off whilst we work with a reduced workforce for Covid-19 safety guidelines. In the meantime, please use our online Quote System/Shop for all Austin Healey, and Triumph TR enquiries – or the Contact Forms for all Jaguar and MGA enquiries, located on each specific model page. Jonathon is more than happy to call and discuss your needs in more depth if you desire; once the initial outline of your restoration requirements has been submitted. Thank you and staff safe.

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Millboard & Black Grain Board

To fit every curvature of bodywork, our Black Grain Board does just the job.

Also known as Millboard or Fibre Board, this material is designed for areas of panel work that require shaping. Commonly seen across Glove Boxes and Boot / Trunk areas, our Black Grain Board is strong and flexible to allow trimmers to bend and shape the panel into position. 

Our Black Grain Board has an embossed grained surface finish to replicate the look of Vinyl or Leathercloth. This is in keeping with the originality of certain marques including the Triumph TR and Austin Healey Boot / Trunk areas. It is worth noting that this effect is also in-line with many Concours judging guides for these areas of the car. 

You can read more about our Black Grain Board materials in our Handbook post – In Detail: Our Panel Kits.