Upper Door Top Panels Re-Trim Kit

Suitable Models: TR4A, TR5, TR250, TR6

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The Dash and Capping areas on these Triumph TR models were high-wear and exposed areas of the cars. Exposed to the elements these parts are often crumbling away and faded – and thus require replacing during any thoughtful restoration. Here at John Skinners, we have just the solution to freshen up your original console unit. Please see below for more in-depth descriptions, videos, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Accepted Original Colours These are the shades that JSM can supply that may be suitable interpretations of the original colours supplied on the production line. Original colours are often widely disputed & debated - and we do not want to limit your choices or be too pedantic - so, where possible, we like to offer a few options. For more in-depth information about original colours for particular models, please contact us directly to discuss. Note that the number of shade options may increase/decrease depending on the availability of shades in that particular material (i.e. Grained vs Smooth Leather or Nylon vs Wool Carpet shade options may differ).

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Due to the major bodywork design changes that took place between the TR3A cars and the Giovanni Michelotti TR4 models – various interior trim panelings were also updated. This included the Door Top Capping area directly about the main door casing assembly panels. Initially, for the TR4 models, this area remained uncovered with exposed bodywork paint being left on show. However, for the TR4″A” models – a moulded foam pvc capping was fitted in black. For the TR4A models, this was plain and did not feature any finger grooves – as the doors were still pulled closed using the chrome handle attached to the door casing, as per the TR4 models. For the TR5/TR250 models – a finger indent groove was introduced allowing the doors to be pulled closed using these waist rail assembly units – which aligned with the removal of the chrome door pull for these same models. The TR6 models continued using this same process up until the very last models where the door pull release mechanism was incorporated into the door panel itself.

John Skinners supply a pre-cut material re-trim kit to enable the reupholstery of your original moulded pvc units. These kits are supplied in Vinyl (Ambla) or Leather – in either Black to suit originality or a custom colour scheme. When offered in Leather, we will “skiv” these parts down for you at no extra cost. Skiving, or the thinning of leather is a process to reduce the thickness by slicing away a layer of the “flesh” underside. This finish is especially useful for areas that are to be folded or bent whilst remaining pliable and without losing any of its core strength. This is especially useful for the waist rail cappings with the finger groove, as it allows you to reupholster the material into this groove nice and neatly. It is this detailed knowledge of these parts through decades of supplying kits, and our investment in machinery such as our leather skiving machine that has allowed us to improve the options available to our customers without compromising on suitability to the purpose for the cars. Just one of the reasons why John Skinner Ltd remains the industry leader when it comes to quality and workmanship of the interior trim and upholstery for the Triumph TRs.


  • Available in Leather or Vinyl (Ambla).
  • Two options of automotive-grade leather available to choose from – “grained” or “smooth” surface finish.
  • Supplied suitably large enough to allow for ease in fitment.
  • If ordered in leather, these parts are supplied pre-thinned/skived, at no extra cost.

Why JSM?

  • Made in England, only 50 miles away from the original production line.
  • We source only the highest quality raw materials to manufacture our products – including leather from Italy and Scotland.
  • John Skinners offer the widest range of colour options on the market – including all the correct original colour combinations, as well as many more custom shades.
  • Worldwide material and colour samples service is available upon request, to ensure you get the look and finish your car deserves.
  • Our kits are manufactured using the same methods and templates that we have used to great success for 40+ years. Rest assured, we know they fit!
  • JSM has contributed to various notable Triumph restorations including TS01, and the much-publicised Triumph TR2 “Jabbeke MVC575 restoration project. We also worked closely with Mark Macy of Macy’s Garage (USA) on his wife’s TR4 – becoming the only Triumph TR to ever score the perfect 100-point score in the TRA Concours D’Elegance – back in 2018. Mark Macys own TR4 came in second place, at the same show – also with JSM trimmed fitted.
  • Access to help and advice when it comes time to fit these re-trim kits – we have been making and fitting these same parts for a long time – we know all the tricks, and we are more than happy to assist you or your trimmer should you get stuck. As noted above, John himself has used this part on a number of his own TRs, so we are well versed in the fitment process.
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Please note that the colour names refer to internal John Skinner Ltd names, not necessarily the names Triumph originally used for these colours.

Due to industry-wide inconsistencies in production and record-keeping, it is widely accepted that the interpretation of original shades varies depending on who you ask. As a result, John Skinner Ltd offers multiple “original” shade options for you to make your final choice from. Below is a list of these accepted “original” colour choices that John Skinners can offer for your Triumph restoration project.

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Note that we can also offer a variety of custom “non-original” shades if you prefer a more bespoke finish. For a full and complete list of options please view our Materials & Colours library.


As part of the ordering process, we will arrange for samples to be sent for final confirmation – so browse and shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that we will guide you through step-by-step with all the information you require.

Please note that all materials are subject to colour shade differences between production batches. There may be subtle differences in colour shading between sample cuttings and final production material.

Due to the range of products we offer, and our worldwide customer base, we can only calculate an accurate shipping cost once Your Quote has been received by our Sales Team. As there is no payment required at this stage – use our online shop in full confidence, with zero commitment to purchase – and send us your Quotation request for your interior trim requirements; and we will get in touch directly with you with an updated Quote, which will include the shipment costs.

In the meantime, basic guideline shipping costs are outlined below.

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UK: £10.50 – £15 per box

Europe & European Union: £20 – £75 per box

North America & Canada: £28.50 – £95 per box

Rest of World: £42.50 – £160 per box

Generally speaking, a complete car interior kit (Trim Panels, Carpets, Seat Covers, Boot/Trunk area, Soft Top Hoods etc) normally requires 2 x FULL Size Boxes, with some cars needing slightly less, and some slightly more.

Please note that these prices are exclusive of VAT (UK Customers ONLY) and any additional customs or handling charges that may be incurred during shipping. These prices are given as an approximation only.

For further information about shipping, and to learn more about how our shipping costs are calculated, please read our Shipping and Delivery guide.



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