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As a result we will be closing our factory starting on Friday 27th May, re-opening Monday 6th June.

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17th August 2021

Update – Retail Customers

Following on from our message in May – we thank you for your on-going patience whilst we worked through our backorders. You will be pleased to know that we have made significant progress –  and whilst we are still working through some backorders – we aim to be accepting all new retail orders again from the week commencing the 6th September 2021.

Going forward – to avoid disappointment with your restoration – we recommend that you place your order in plenty of time.

We encourage all new customers who are happy to wait to enquire using our website as follows:

Austin Healey & Triumph TR Customers – browse our extensive product library for details and pricing – selecting the products you are considering using our unique “Build a Quote” system. Once submitted, our experienced sales team can review our choices and get back in touch to discuss the finer details and send you material samples based on your choices.

Jaguar & MGA Customers – find lots of useful information and photos about the products we can offer for your restoration on the individual Model Pages for each marque/model. At the bottom of these model pages, you will find a Contact Form specific to your car – which you can fill in and submit with your restoration requirements – and one of our experienced sales team will formulate a Quote for you to get the ball rolling.

Note that all further information related to your enquiry will be processed and responded to after the 6th September 2021. 

In the meantime, Happy Browsing…

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In Detail: Our Carpet Kits

Over our company history, we have developed our carpet kits to give them the reputation for quality and fit that they are known for today.

Here, we take a closer look at the details that set our carpet kits apart.

Complete Floor Coverage

Our carpet kits contain pieces with bound and unbound edges.

Bound edges have been made to fit and are ‘on-show’ when in position, whereas un-bound edges are often hidden under adjacent parts. This gives a cohesive visual ‘blend’ to the carpet pieces as they pass from piece to piece without gaps between them. This enables our carpet kits to completely cover the flooring area.


Austin Healey 3000 Mark 3 BJ8 carpet kit
This Austin Healey 3000 Mark 3 BJ8 carpet kit shows bound edges lay over adjacent unbound edges to give full coverage of the floor area


Where possible, we have added additional length to our patterns along un-bound edges to give our customers more material to work with and greater flexibility when trimming. 

For instance, we have made our gearbox patterns wider so that they can be anchored in place by the adjacent floor carpets that sit either side; our sill carpets are wider than required so that front and rear floor carpets can sit neatly against the edge of the sill, and we have extended edges of our carpets that meet with our panel work so that they merge smoothly from one part of the car to another.

Not only does this oversizing allow for flexibility in fitting, it also allows for the natural movement of the carpet when the car is in use, giving an overall more secure and safe carpet installation for the driver and passengers. With our extended edges, rear floors can slip slightly from the sills, or shuffling feet can catch the edges of floor carpets, without exposing any bodywork.


Left to Right: a Jaguar XJ-6 shows a neatly fitted Gearbox and Front Floor carpet area with a bound slot in the front floor carpet for the throttle pedal; the Sill carpets are extended to fit securely underneath the Rear Floor carpets in this Jaguar MK2; in this Triumph TR6, the Rear Shelf and Rear Transmission carpets show extended edges that sit underneath the Rear Floor carpets, whilst the Rear Shelf carpet has also been extended along the back edge to ensure a smooth blend into the panel work of the Rear Bulkhead.


‘As Original’ Leathercloth Binding

For bound edges on our Carpet and Boot/Trunk kits, we use leathercloth binding as per original specification.

Leathercloth has many qualities that make it suitable for carpet binding. With a woven cotton backing, its lack of stretch helps our carpets maintain their shape both during manufacture and once fitted in the car; it doesn’t snag; and it may sound obvious, but its overall specification means that it simply looks good and is fit for purpose.


Austin Healey 3000 Mark 3 BJ8 karvel carpet edging with Austin Heelpad
Leathercloth bound edges on an Austin Healey 3000 Mark 3 BJ8 Front Floor carpet


We attach our binding to our carpets with our 1940’s Singer sewing machine. This loops the binding round the edge of the carpet, giving a neat 1cm binding finish to the surface and creating a ‘e’ style cross section construction. This is shown in more detail in the below image.

Carpet binding cross section
Leathercloth binding cross section construction


Our leathercloth binding is available in a range of 23 colours which complement our Wool, Nylon and Karvel carpet ranges.

Designed for use with Underfelt

Our carpet kits have been created to work in conjunction with our underfelt soundproofing kits.

The successful fitment of carpet is largely determined by the thickness of the underfelt below. In addition to providing heat and sound resistance, the thickness of our underfelt kits ensures that our carpet kits fit well, look good and give added comfort underfoot once installed within the car.

Whilst there are now much more sophisticated soundproofing materials available on the market that utilise modern-day sound and heat resistant technology – and we would recommend you use these should your restoration budget allow – they’re very thin and are not suitable for use with our carpet kits alone. We always recommend installing our underfelt kits on-top of any modern-day soundproofing before fitting our carpet kits.

Jaguar MK2 underfelt and carpet
In this Jaguar MK2 restoration, the use of underfelt has filled a gap between the bodywork and the carpet


Underfelt kits installed and ready for carpet fitting. Clockwise from top left: Jaguar E-Type OTS; Triumph TR6; MGA Roadster; Austin Healey BN4


A few more details that really make us proud of our Carpet Kits…

Leathercloth binding

Choice of Edging Colours

See our range of leathercloth binding colours for edging your carpets.

Traditional Machinery

Our skilled machinists bind all our carpet kits with our 1940’s Singer binding machine. This machine is a treasured piece in our workshop.


Soundproofing Technology

All our Underfelt Soundproofing Kits are available in Dynamat and Dodo Mat fabrications that use modern day technology for heat and sound resistance. These are designed to be used in conjunction with our original specification 6mm jute felt kits.