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Trimming and Fitting

In Detail: Our Headlining Kits

23rd APR 2020

Reading time: 3 minutes

Our Headlining Kits are designed with ease of fitment in mind.

Working upwards to trim a headliner to the roof of a car can be quite the challenge – especially with gravity working against you!

With our pre-bonded material options and extra wide patterns, we’ve done everything we we can with our Headlining Kits to make the process of re-trimming the roof area of your car as simple as possible.

Here, we take a look at the key features of our Headlining Kits that assist you in trimming this troublesome area.

Quality Materials

We offer all our Headlining Kits in original OEM specification materials, which can be upgraded to our premium 100% Wool Cloth depending on the look and feel of your restoration.

Wool Cloth

A beautiful material, the best of its kind. Made from 100% wool and offered with or without a pre-bonded foam backing. Original for most Jaguar cars and available in 3 colours.

Brushed Nylon

A fine-knit synthetic material bonded to a thin foam backing. Originally seen across E-Type S3 Two-plus-Two models and some Jaguar Saloons around the time that cost-cutting was made on original factory production lines and wool headliners were substituted with a cheaper nylon alternative. We would always recommend you upgrade to Wool Cloth for the headlining areas on these cars, but for restorers wanting to keep to originality or are limited by budget our Brushed Nylon is available in 4 colours.


A plastic based material originally used for MGAs, Triumph TR Surrey Tops (TR4, TR4A and TR250 models) and Triumph TR6 hardtop areas. Available in Black or White. Restorers can upgrade to Wool Cloth for the headlining areas for any of these cars.


A Wool Cloth Headliner in Beige fitted to the roof area of a Jaguar MK2.


A PVC Headliner in White fitted to the roof area of a MGA Coupe.


Oversized Patterns

We over-supply material in our headliner kits by cutting our patterns bigger all round. This gives you extra material for grabbing, pulling and applying tension which can then be trimmed off neatly once in position.

Our oversized patterns allow for easier grip as the headliner is fitted into position.
Excess material is then trimmed away for a neat finish on this Jaguar MK2 roof area.

We also supply ample amounts of extra loose headlining material for trimming the surrounding Cant Rails.


Cant Rails on a Jaguar S-Type 420, trimmed with the extra loose material we supply with our Headlining Kits.

Pre-bonded Foam Headlining

Pre-bonded Foam Headlining is a new addition to our range based on feedback from customers and trimmers who found the process of attaching foam then headliner in two separate processes both lengthy and cumbersome. Our pre-bonded version makes the trimming of the headliner area much simpler and the smooth finish foam backing takes easily to contact adhesive glue.

For Jaguar models that have original moulded headliner boards, our Pre-bonded Foam Headlining is a useful material. These boards can be very difficult to remove, and even harder to replace, so this foam-backed material helps to smooth over the surface and make the roof area like new.

We are one of the only companies to offer this unique pre-bonded wool cloth option, and we highly recommend this material being used where applicable to save time and trouble.

Our Pre-Bonded Foam Headlining is a very luxurious material that cuts out the tricky process of first gluing foam to the roof area before applying the headliner material.

We can advise which contact adhesives work best for this material, one of which we hold in stock and have available for purchase for our UK based customers.


Pre-bonded Foam Headlining is glued to the roof of this Jaguar MK10 420G, before being trimmed away and neatly finished round the edges.

Complementary Colour Choice

The choice of colours that we offer across our headlining materials has been specifically selected to complement all of our interior trim materials. To help you decide, you will find our recommended complementary headlining colours for all our leathers and vinyls in our Material and Colour Library.


A Beige headliner complements the Old Beige panels in this Jaguar E-Type FHC.


A Grey headliner gives a soft contrast against the Cherry Red panels and seats in this Jaguar XK150 FHC, restored by Richard Hammond.

A few more details that really make us proud of our Headlining Kits…

Adapted for Sunroofs

Where required, our Headlining Kits can be adapted to fit sunroof fixtures.

Upgrade Options

We can upgrade any Headlining Kits and Hardtop Roof Linings originally manufactured in PVC to our luxury Wool Cloth.

Extra Material for Sunvisors

All our Headlining Kits come with extra material for trimming your sunvisors. For some models, we can also offer fully trimmed sunvisors.