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TR4 Wins Perfect 100 Point Score

11th MAY 2022

Reading time: 2 minutes

John Skinner’s proudly supplied Mark Macy of Macy’s Garage, (Ohio, USA) with a number of interior trim parts for his 1961 Triumph TR4 Surrey Top restoration, which went on to scoop Best of Show at the national meet of the Triumph Register of America (TRA) in 2018, achieving the first ever 100 Point Score awarded by the TRA.

With a Concours score that goes down in history, a John Skinner’s interior kit really does hit the mark when it comes to original specification trim restorations.

When Tonda and Mark Macy bought an early TR4 (CT2882) – the 288th of 40,304 manufactured – they knew they were embarking on something special. Finally, after years of restoring cars for their customers, it was their turn to work on their own restoration project. But it wasn’t to be rushed, and it certainly had to stand up to the quality that Macy’s name has come to be known for in the industry. From the very start, this was a restoration with high expectations.

Taking around seven years in total to restore the car to its former glory, Macy and his team extensively researched the car’s history, acquiring supporting documentation for the unique differences that set this early TR4 apart from the larger production runs of later styles. With many design overspills from the TR3, this was a unique restoration requiring plenty of detective work.

The diligence certainly paid off. At the TRA 2018 Concours d’Elegance, hosted at Blowing Rock North Carolina, the car scooped Best In Show, earning an immaculate 100 point score in the process – the first ever in the TRA club’s history. Concours judges, known for their knowledge and eye for detail could find no fault. It was an astounding result, and a huge achievement for everyone involved in the project.

Well done to Mark, Tonda and the Team! We understood at the time of winning that the intention was to keep the car as a Trailer Queen, but we certainly hope Mark and Tonda are now finding the time to drive and enjoy such a beautiful car!

Further information about the restoration, and what we manufactured and supplied is detailed below.

The Interior

Detail of the ‘perfect’ TR4 interior. John Skinner supplied the Interior Trim/Door Panels and Seat Covers alongside other upholstery items.


We made and supplied the following parts:

  • Interior Trim Panels: Vinyl: Midnight Blue with White Piping

  • Front Seats (“TR3A” Style”): LeatherFaced: Midnight Blue with Midnight Blue & White Piping + Seat Springs

  • Boot Trunk Area: Boot Trunk Liner Board

  • Headlining: PVC: White

  • Sunvisors: PVC: White

(Please note that we did not supply the grey loop-pile carpet for this restoration).

An incredible result!

Proud Owners: Tonda & Mark Macy with Jeff Kelley (L), President of Triumph Register of America

WE did it! Knocked one out of the park!!! Just back from TRA (Triumph Register of America) National Meet, where Tonda’s early 1961 TR4 (CT288L) took Best of Show in Judged Concours, with the first ever PERFECT 100 Point Score in the 44 year history of TRA. Hard work and attention to detail DOES pay off!

Mark Macy, Macy’s Garage USA


Further Reading

Read the full article from the TRA National Newsletter, Issue 140 by clicking on the below image.