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For all Austin Healey or Triumph TR enquiries – we recommend using our Quote/Shop system – to build your Quote/Shopping List and outline your basic requirements. Remember this is commitment free, and no payment is required – this helps us outline your restoration needs to start the ball rolling with the finer points being discussed directly with you once your Quote has been submitted.

For all Jaguar and MGA enquiries; whilst we continue to develop the online Quote/Shop for these models – please us the CONTACT FORM below, or the ones located on each of the individual Models Pages to give us a brief outline of your requirements, and we can arrange for a Quote to be sent directly to you with all of our prices and options.


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Customer Visits by Appointment Only


We do business slightly differently – as a result our inbound phone lines are unavailable.

We encourage you to use our Build a Quote system, or our Contact Enquiry forms (found on our Model pages) – and once the basic information of your requirements is known –  you can schedule a call directly with Jonathon Skinner to go over your requirements in more detail.

This method allows for Jonathon to maximise his time to cater to all his clients requests and requirements. It’s a different approach, but one that we have found has been extremely effective for our client base.


If contacting by directly via email – please ensure you include the following details:

  • Full Name, including Last/Surname (this is used for creating a Quote on our computer system).
  • Address, or at the very least what country you are located in (for shipping/tax purposes).
  • In depth details of your car (Model, Year, Chassis Number etc) – with this information we can advise you on the most suitable parts for your restoration.


Contact Form

We will not pass this information on. This number is required for shipping purposes only, or if you wish us to contact you to discuss any interior trim parts.

What year was your classic car manufactured?

If you know your chassis number, then this is always useful information to know as it can help us identify certain interior trim changes specifications...

Please detail what will be the final body work paint colour of your car & will be the colour that will help inform your interior choices.

Please select any materials that you are interested in using for your restoration. You can then explain in more details, if required. using the "Additional Information" text box at below.

Please note that some Marques of car used the same colour piping as the main trim colour e.g. Jaguars. Other Marques used a variety of colours to piping Seats / Panels. We can offer "as original" or a more custom finish (* surcharges may apply)

Remember - we require your full postal address in order to send the requested samples.

Please note that photos / website images can be very misleading due to light / photo / screen settings. We strongly recommend our customers request physical samples prior to confirming orders.

Please select any areas of the car that you require interior trim parts for. You can then explain in more details the specific parts using the "Additional Information" text box at below.

If you have any photos or files related to your enquiry that may be useful, then please upload these. e.g. Photos of Car / Trim / Heritage Certificate


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