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Trimming and Fitting

In Detail: Our Boot Trunk Kits

16th NOV 2022

Reading time: 9 minutes

Although closed and hidden from view for the most part, the Boot Trunk area of the car is still worthy of interior attention.

Our Boot Trunk Kits can be made to original or bespoke specification dependent on the look and feel of your restoration.

Whether kitting it out with hardwearing black grain board panels, or opting for a luxurious wool carpet finish, our Boot Trunk Kits are crafted from quality materials to withstand the more utilitarian use of this area of a car. Whilst it might be out of sight, these details ensure your Boot Trunk area certainly isn’t out of mind!

Quality Original Specification Materials

We offer all our Boot Trunk Kits in original OEM specification materials, but we have also adapted our patterns over the years to allow for more extensive Boot/Trunk trim than would have been included in original factory production. We now offer the most comprehensive Boot Trunk Kits on the market, with options to suit all budgets.


Triumph TR

Triumph TR Boot Trunk areas were fitted with a Black Carpet Mat and Black Grain Board Panels – the combination dependent on model and year of production.

Triumph TR2-TR3s had a Black Boot Mat and Black Boot Liner Board, and in the case of the early TR2s the Boot Liner Board would have been the same colour as the car paint work. For the later Giovanni Michelotti designed TR4-TR6s, the Boot Mat was removed and only the Boot Liner Board remained. Throughout the TR6 era, Black Grain Board Side Panels were introduced to cover the exposed bodywork sides of the car.

We can offer all Boot Trunk Kits for the Triumph TRs as per original OEM specification.


Triumph TR5 Boot Trunk area trimmed to original specification with Black Grain Board Panels to cover bodywork.

Austin Healey

Austin Healey Boot Trunk areas were originally fitted with a ribbed Armacord material. Later models also featured Black Grain Board Panels.

The 2-seater Austin Healey 100-4’s featured a ribbed Armacord material in a colour to match the main trim. The majority of the later 4-seater styles were trimmed with Black Armacord material and also had a small Black Grain Board panel to cover the petrol pipe. The BN6 and BN7 models used Black Grain Board to the Boot Side Panels and to the Boot Liner opening, alongside ribbed Armacord to the main floor area.

We can supply all our Austin Healey Boot Trunk Kits as per original specification.

The Boot Trunk Area of an Austin Healey BN2 trimmed to original specification in Red Armacord.
A 4 seater Austin Healey BN4 with the Boot Trunk Area trimmed in original specification Black Armacord, with a Black Grain Board Panel to cover the Petrol Filler.


Records suggest that MGA models left the factory without any trim to the Boot/Trunk area.

We have developed our own patterns for this area of the car and can supply Boot/Trunk Liner Kits and Spare Wheel Covers for both MGA Roadster and MGA Coupe models in any choice of our main flooring materials.

An untrimmed Boot Trunk Area of a MGA Coupe, considered to be the original production line finish for this area of the car.

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type Roadster OTS models were originally fitted with Biscuit Hardura throughout the Boot Trunk area, with complementary Biscuit Vinyl covered Black Grain Board to the Side Panel areas.


A Jaguar E-Type OTS 4.2ltr with original specification Boot Trunk Area trimmed in Biscuit.


Jaguar E-Type 2+2 and FHC models were designed with a Rear Luggage Floor – not a ‘Boot Trunk’ as such, but still a storage area at the back of the car that was exposed to, and visible from, the main cockpit. The early 3.8ltr FHC models had this area trimmed in Hardura in a colour to match the main trim, whilst the later 4.2ltr models moved to a Vinyl / Leathercloth material. Trimming the Rear Luggage Floor area in matching colour materials ensures a seamless visual flow between the front and rear parts of the car, particularly across interior elements that cross between both areas such as the Cant Rails.

The Rear Door of the 2+2 and FHC was also trimmed in in Vinyl covered Hardboard, and trimmed Hinge and Lock casings in matching Vinyl / Leathercloth were used to blend unsightly door mechanisms and into the surrounding trim.

We can supply all Boot Trunk and Rear Luggage Floor Area Kits for the Jaguar E-Types as per original specification, including the original Biscuit shade that was used across the OTS models.

A Jaguar E-Type FHC 4.2ltr showing the Rear Luggage Floor area trimmed in Dark Blue Vinyl which is matched to the Dark Blue trim of the main car cockpit.
The Rear Luggage Floor Area of this E-Type FHC 4.2ltr is trimmed in Magnolia Vinyl. Note the trimmed Hinge & Lock Covers which hide unsightly door mechanisms and blend into the surrounding interior items.

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK models were originally fitted with Boot Mats made from Hardura material, with the exception of the XK120 OTS that were made in Wool. The Boot Mat was always matched the main trim colour. XK140 & XK150’s featured matching Hardura Side Panels and all XK’s used a Moquette material to cover the Petrol Filler, with the exception of some early XK 120’s that would have had a painted finish. All Boot Lids were trimmed with Vinyl covered Hardboard panels, in a colour to match the main trim.

We can supply all Boot Trunk Kits for Jaguar XKs as per original specification.

A Jaguar XK140 OTS Boot Trunk Area trimmed to original specification with Suede Green Hardura Boot Mat, Suede Green Vinyl Boot Lid and Hinge Panels and Suede Green Moquette covered Petrol Filler.
A Jaguar XK150 FHC Boot Trunk Area trimmed to original specification with a Black Hardura Boot Mat, Black Vinyl Boot Lid & Side Panels and a Black Moquette covered Petrol Filler. This matches to the Black bodywork paint colour and the corresponding Black interior trim of the main cockpit.

Jaguar Saloon

Jaguar MK2, Daimler, S-Type & 420 models were fitted with Black/Grey Hardura Boot Mats with Side Panels in Black Grain Board. We can supply all parts as per original specification, and we have expanded our MK2 & Daimler V8 250 Boot Trunk Kits with bespoke made Rear Wheel Arch Covers and a Rear Bulkhead to cover up otherwise exposed bodywork.


The Boot Trunk Area of a Jaguar MK2 trimmed with a Black Hardura Boot Mat as was original for these cars. We have developed our own bespoke patterns for covering over the exposed bodywork areas that were originally left untrimmed, as seen here.


Jaguar MK10/420G models were fitted with a Biscuit Hardura Boot Mat, Biscuit Millboard Side Panels and a Biscuit Hardura Spare Wheel Cover. We can supply the Boot Trunk Kits for these cars as per original specification.


A Jaguar MK10 420G Boot Trunk Area trimmed to original specification with Biscuit Hardura matting and Spare Wheel Cover, alongside Biscuit Millboard Panels to the Lid and Sides.


Jaguar XJ6 & XJ 2 Door Coupe models were trimmed with a Black Nylon Carpet – quite thin and cheap – but some left the production line with Hardura. Black Grain Board was used to the Side Panel areas. We can supply the Boot Trunk Kits for these cars as per original specification, although we do use our more premium quality Nylon Carpet which supersedes the original quality used on the production lines.

Jaguar XJ-S Boot Trunk area were trimmed entirely in a Beige ‘Rattan’ Carpet and used the same material to trim the surrounding Millboard Panels. We manufacture Boot Trunk Kits for these cars to original specification using our Nylon or Wool Carpets which are superior in quality to the ‘Rattan’ carpet used throughout this area on original production lines.


Material Upgrades

We make all our Boot Trunk Kits to order, and offer the option to upgrade from original specification materials depending on the look and feel of your restoration. Upgrading materials brings a feeling of excellence to all areas of the car – particularly to Boot Trunk areas – where such luxury is not normally expected.

For a truly exceptional finish, we can manufacture Boot Mats in Wool Carpet and cover any surrounding side panels in complementary coloured Leather.

Where budget needs to be considered, Nylon Carpet and Vinyl covered panel work is a good option and still has the effect of elevating Boot Trunk areas from their often quite basic original specification.

Triumph TR Upgrades

For Triumph TRs, we can offer Boot Mats for the Triumph TR4-TR6s and additionally we can supply Black Grain Board Boot Side Panels to hide normally exposed bodywork panels for the TR4, TR4A, TR5 & TR250 models, plus loose material re-trim kits to cover the domed area below the Boot Trunk Board in these cars. We also manufacture a Spare Wheel Cover for the TR5-TR6 models.

John has owned most Triumph TRs and added additional pieces to the original specification Boot/Trunk patterns through his own trimming experiences with each of these cars.

A Triumph TR3A Boot Trunk Area upgraded from original specification with Maroon Wool Carpet throughout.
A Triumph TR4A with trimmed Boot Trunk Side Panels & Back Board in Fawn Wool.

Austin Healey Upgrades

We are able to offer all our Boot Trunk Kits for the Austin Healey range in our carpet materials – Wool or Nylon – as an upgrade to the ribbed Armacord material that was originally used to these cars. We also find restorers looking to colour co-ordinate the Boot Trunk Area to the main trim of the car as an alternative to many of the original ‘Black’ schemes found in most models.

The restorers of this Austin Healey BJ8 upgraded the Boot Trunk Area materials from original specification Armacord to a more luxurious Tan Wool which corresponds to the interior trim colour. The Petrol Filler is also covered in Wool Carpet.
A truly splendid Boot! This Austin Healey BN7 has a Pale Shadow Blue Boot Trunk Mat in Wool with all surrounding panels, including the Petrol Filler, trimmed in Pale Shadow Blue Smooth Leather.

MGA Upgrades

Where the Boot Trunk areas of MGAs were originally left untrimmed, we have developed our own patterns to enable restorers to trim this area – including the Spare Wheel Cover – in a material and colour of their choice.


A bespoke Boot Trunk Kit and Spare Wheel Cover for a MGA Roadster, made in Maroon Wool Carpet.

Jaguar Saloon Upgrades

For Jaguar Saloons, we can upgrade the more commonly used Hardura materials to our premium Wool Carpet and trim any surrounding panel work in Leather. For the Jaguar XJ-6 and XJ-S models, our Wool Carpet is far superior to the original cheaper quality that was fitted on the production lines.

We also offer comprehensive kits for the Jaguar MK2 and Daimler, which can be made to include extra pieces for covering over the otherwise exposed bodywork areas of the Rear Wheel Arches and the Bulkhead.


A Jaguar MK2 Boot Trunk Area trimmed in bespoke Tan Wool Carpet Boot Mat and Tan Vinyl Side Panels (the original specification would have been Black Hardura with untrimmed Black Grain Board Side Panels). Note the areas of exposed bodywork – these would have originally been left untrimmed, but we can offer bespoke re-trim kits to cover these areas.


A Jaguar XK-6 Boot Trunk Area trimmed to bespoke specification with Tan Wool Boot Mat and New Tan Vinyl covered Side Panels.


A Jaguar XJ-S Boot Trunk Area trimmed to bespoke specification in Dark Blue Wool Carpet.

A few more details that really make us proud of our Boot Trunk Kits…

Cut to Fit

Our Boot Trunk panel work – particularly for Jaguar XK’s – is cut accurately to fit around existing bodywork fixtures and hinges.

Choice of Finishes

Our Boot Trunk Kits give you the flexibility to choose how you want to finish the Boot Trunk Area of your car depending on the look, feel and budget of your restoration. Panels can be left untrimmed, or covered in your choice of Vinyl, Leather or Carpet.

Comprehensive Kits

Our Boot Trunk Kits are the most extensive on the market, made from bespoke patterns designed to hide exposed bodywork that would otherwise have been left untrimmed on original production lines.