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17th August 2021

Update – Retail Customers

Following on from our message in May – we thank you for your on-going patience whilst we worked through our backorders. You will be pleased to know that we have made significant progress –  and whilst we are still working through some backorders – we aim to be accepting all new retail orders again from the week commencing the 6th September 2021.

Going forward – to avoid disappointment with your restoration – we recommend that you place your order in plenty of time.

We encourage all new customers who are happy to wait to enquire using our website as follows:

Austin Healey & Triumph TR Customers – browse our extensive product library for details and pricing – selecting the products you are considering using our unique “Build a Quote” system. Once submitted, our experienced sales team can review our choices and get back in touch to discuss the finer details and send you material samples based on your choices.

Jaguar & MGA Customers – find lots of useful information and photos about the products we can offer for your restoration on the individual Model Pages for each marque/model. At the bottom of these model pages, you will find a Contact Form specific to your car – which you can fill in and submit with your restoration requirements – and one of our experienced sales team will formulate a Quote for you to get the ball rolling.

Note that all further information related to your enquiry will be processed and responded to after the 6th September 2021. 

In the meantime, Happy Browsing…

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MGA Coupé

Made to last, our MGA Coupe interior trim and upholstery restoration kits are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and workmanship from our manufacturing unit based in the Cotswolds, UK. We do not supply any mechanical, engine or bodywork parts - instead choosing to purely focus on the manufacture and supply interior related products including the trim panels, seat covers, carpet flooring kits, and headliner hardtops. This dedication to our craft has led us to become one of the most highly regarded classic car restoration manufacturing firms in the world.

With unrivalled knowledge of original specifications, coupled with the widest range of colours and materials for those seeking a more bespoke finish - John Skinner Ltd are the favoured choice for both amateur enthusiasts, as well as professional trimmers and restoration companies all over the globe; and have been for over four decades.

Don't just take our word for it - we have plenty of customers willing to show and prove the quality of our products and kits...

Our customer’s cars


We love to see and share our customer's restoration projects. Here are just some of our kits gracing the interiors of customer's cars from all over the world.

(Note: Some images may showcase a different model of car, with shared interior trim parts to the model page being viewed)

Our MGA Coupe online shop is coming soon. In the meantime, browse our product photos and information below.
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MGA Coupé Original Colours

Please note that there were production inconsistencies during this period, so colours should be chosen on individual basis.

Black Red, Green, Beige, Red Red, Green, Beige, Red
Orient Red Red, Black Red
Chariot Red Red, Beige, Black Red, Beige, Red
Island Green / Ash Green Grey, Black Grey, Green
Mineral Blue Grey, Black Grey, Blue
Iris Blue Black Light Blue
Alamo Beige Red Red
Dove Grey Red Red
Old English White Red, Black Red, White

Information from: Clausager, A. (1993) Original MGA – The Restorer’s Guide to all Roadster and Coupé models including Twin Cam – Bay View Books Ltd.


MGA Coupe Original Colours supplied by John Skinner Ltd

It is widely accepted that the interpretation of original shades varies depending on who you ask – and may well have varied from the original factory production line. As a result, John Skinner Ltd offers multiple shade options for each original colour.


Learn more
Learn more
British Racing Green
British Racing Green
British Racing Green
Learn more
Suede Green
Suede Green
Suede Green
Learn more
Matador Red
Matador Red
Matador Red
Learn more
Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Learn more
Barley Beige
Barley Beige
Barley Beige
Learn more
Learn more
Learn more

Colour names refer to internal John Skinner Ltd colour names, not necessarily the names MG originally used for these colours.

We can also offer non-original custom colour schemes if you so desire. Please see our online shop for more details.

As part of the quotation/ordering process, we will arrange for samples to be sent for final confirmation – so browse and shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that we will guide you through step-by-step with all the information you require.



A note on Piping/Beading

MGA models featured Piping either matching the main trim colour, or in a selection of contrasting colours. See the above Original Colours chart for more information. 

We can also offer the largest range of non-standard “bespoke” colours schemes for those looking for a more customised finish.

Explore our full Material & Colour Library
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Trim Panels

Trim Panel Kit

MGA Coupe Trim Panel Kit

Illustration Reference: 01 - 07

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Hardboard, Millboard, Piping

  • This kit includes all the main panels and re-trim kits for the Coupé MGA. Includes items 01 to 07 listed below.

Door Panels: Main

MGA Coupe Door Panels: Main

Illustration Reference: 03

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Hardboard, Foam

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Hardboard Panels, including Upper Section with stitch detail.
  • Includes pre-cut loose material to line the inside of the Door Panel.

Quarter "B" Post Panels

MGA Coupe Quarter

Illustration Reference: 04

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Millboard

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Millboard Panels for your Rear Wheel Arch Quarter Panel area.

A Post Footwell Panels

MGA Coupe A Post Footwell Panels

Illustration Reference: 01a

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Union Cloth, Millboard

  • Pre-cut and trimmed Millboard Panels for the A Post Footwell area.
  • Includes pre-cut and trimmed Pockets.

Rear Parcel Shelf

MGA Coupe Rear Parcel Shelf

Illustration Reference: 05

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Hardboard

  • Pre-cut & trimmed Hardboard Panels for the Rear Parcel Shelf area.

Cover Panels

MGA Coupe Cover Panels

Illustration Reference: 01b

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Millboard

  • Pre-cut, creased and trimmed Millboard Panels for the lower cover panel section of the A Post Footwell area.

Dash Board & Trim Roll Kit

MGA Coupe Dash Board & Trim Roll Kit

Illustration Reference: 06

Materials: Leather, Vinyl

  • Pre-cut loose materials for re-trimming the Dash Board and Trim Crash Rolls.

Trim Roll Piping Kit

MGA Coupe Trim Roll Piping Kit

Illustration Reference: 07

Materials: Vinyl, Piping

  • Pre-cut and sewn piping for the trim crash roll areas, to fill in between panels and bodywork.

Headliner Lining Kit

MGA Coupe Headliner Lining Kit

Illustration Reference: 50

Materials: PVC

  • Pre-cut and sewn Headliner for the roof lining.

Trim Panel Fixing Kit

MGA Coupe Trim Panel Fixing Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • Fixing Clips used to attach your main Trim Panels to the bodywork of your car.
Seat Covers & Hardware

Front Seat Cover Kit

MGA Coupe Front Seat Cover Kit

Illustration Reference: 30

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Foam

  • Fully Sewn material covers for Re-Trimming the Front Seat Cushions and Backrests.

Seat Cushion Foams

MGA Coupe Seat Cushion Foams

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Foam

  • Moulded Foam for the Front Seat Cushions covers.

Seat Backrest Padding Kit

MGA Coupe Seat Backrest Padding Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Rubberised Horsehair

  • Pre-cut rubberised horsehair for padding the Backrest Seat Covers.

Seat Backrest Boards

MGA Coupe Seat Backrest Boards

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Plywood

  • Pre-cut plywood panels for the Front Seat Backrest backs.

Centre Cushion Armrest Kit

MGA Coupe Centre Cushion Armrest Kit

Illustration Reference: 31

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Foam

  • Fully sewn materials for the Centre Cushion Armrest.
  • Includes pre-cut Foam for the padding of the Armrest.

Seat Wadding Kit

MGA Coupe Seat Wadding Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Foam

  • Used to “pad out” small areas of the Seat Covers that the Foams cannot fill, for best results.

Seat Clips

MGA Coupe Seat Clips

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • “U” Shaped Black Seat Clips, to help Re-Trimming your Seat Covers.
Carpets & Flooring

Carpet Set

MGA Coupe Carpet Set

Illustration Reference: 20

Materials: Wool, Nylon, Karvel

  • Pre-cut, and edged with Binding, Carpet pieces for the main cockpit of your car.
  • Binding / Edging to original specification.
  • Gearbox parts have sewn materials on edged for attaching to the bodywork.
  • Includes “Ribbed” Heelpads on the Drivers and Passenger Side Front Floor carpets.

Underfelt Kit

MGA Coupe Underfelt Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Felt

  • Pre-cut Felt Sound Proofing for under the carpets.

Boot / Trunk Carpet Kit

MGA Coupe Boot / Trunk Carpet Kit

Illustration Reference: 45

Materials: Wool, Nylon

  • Pre-cut and sewn materials to cover the Boot / Trunk floor and sides.
  • Includes sewing to accommodate the Petrol Fuel Pump.

Spare Wheel Cover

MGA Coupe Spare Wheel Cover

Illustration Reference: 21

Materials: Leather, Vinyl, Wool, Nylon, Hardura

  • Pre-cut, edged and sewn materials creating a Spare Wheel Cover.
  • Options for Hardura and / or Carpet.

Carpet Fixing Kit

MGA Coupe Carpet Fixing Kit

Illustration Reference: N/A

Materials: Metal

  • Fixing clips used to attach your Carpet Set to the bodywork of your car.
MGA Enquiry Form

We will not pass this information on. This number is required for shipping purposes only, or if you wish us to contact you to discuss any interior trim parts.

What year was your classic car manufactured?

If you know your chassis number, then this is always useful information to know as it can help us identify certain interior trim changes specifications...

Please select any materials that you are interested in using for your restoration. You can then explain in more details, if required. using the "Additional Information" text box at below.

Please note that some Marques of car used the same colour piping as the main trim colour e.g. Jaguars. Other Marques used a variety of colours to piping Seats / Panels. We can offer "as original" or a more custom finish (* surcharges may apply)

Remember - we require your full postal address in order to send the requested samples.

Please note that photos / website images can be very misleading due to light / photo / screen settings. We strongly recommend our customers request physical samples prior to confirming orders.

Please select any areas of the car that you require interior trim parts for. You can then explain in more details the specific parts using the "Additional Information" text box at below.

If you have any photos or files related to your enquiry that may be useful, then please upload these. e.g. Photos of Car / Trim / Heritage Certificate


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MGA Coupe - Useful Information

Years of Manufacture: 1956 - 1962 Number Produced: 9,922 Chassis Number Range: 20,671 - 108,662 Designer: Albert Sydney (Syd) Enever

Following the successful introduction in 1955 of the MGA Roadster by Morris Garage (MG); MG released a Coupe version MGA; with production commencing in September 1956. This Coupe model featured the same engine and styling variations as its Open Two Seater counterpart with the 1500, 1600 and Twin Cam models being released during the years 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961 and 1962. During this period, a total of 9,922 cars were made and delivered.