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Triumph TR4A

Made to last, our Triumph TR4"A" interior trim and upholstery restoration kits are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and workmanship from our manufacturing unit based in the Cotswolds, UK. We do not supply any mechanical, engine or bodywork parts - instead choosing to purely focus on the manufacture and supply interior related products including the trim panels, seat covers, carpet flooring kits, and convertible soft top hoods. This dedication to our craft has led us to become one of the most highly regarded classic car restoration manufacturing firms in the world.

With unrivalled knowledge of original specifications, all the correct HF/RF tooling to replicate the original panel designs - coupled with the widest range of colours and materials for those seeking a more bespoke finish - John Skinner Ltd are the favoured choice for both amateur enthusiasts, as well as professional trimmers and restoration companies all over the globe; and have been for over four decades.

Don't just take our word for it - we have plenty of customers willing to show and prove the quality of our products and kits...

Our customer’s cars


We love to see and share our customer's restoration projects. Here are just some of our kits gracing the interiors of customer's cars from all over the world.

(Note: Some images may showcase a different model of car, with shared interior trim parts to the model page being viewed)

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Triumph TR4A Original Colours

Please note that there were production inconsistencies during this period, so colours should be chosen on individual basis.

Black Black, Red (“Matador Red”) TBC
New White Black, Red (“Matador Red”) TBC
Royal Blue Black, Blue (“Midnight Blue”) White, Black
British Racing Green (BRG) Black, Red (“Matador Red”) TBC
Signal Red Black, Red (“Matador Red”) White, Black
Wedgwood Blue Blue (”Midnight Blue”) TBC
Triumph Racing Green (Conifer Green) Black TBC

Information from: Piggott, B. (1991) Original Trimph TR – The Restorer’s Guide to TR2, TR3, TR3a, TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR250, TR6, Bideford: Bay View Books Ltd.


Triumph TR4A “IRS” Original Colours supplied by John Skinner Ltd

It is widely accepted that the interpretation of original shades varies depending on who you ask – and may well have varied from the original factory production line. As a result, John Skinner Ltd offers multiple shade options for each original colour.

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Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue
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Pale Shadow Blue
Pale Shadow Blue
Pale Shadow Blue
Learn more
Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Cherry Red
Learn more
Matador Red
Matador Red
Matador Red
Learn more

Colour names refer to internal John Skinner Ltd colour names, not necessarily the names Triumph originally used for these colours.

We can also offer non-original custom colour schemes if you so desire. Please see our online shop for more details.

As part of the quotation/ordering process, we will arrange for samples to be sent for final confirmation – so browse and shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that we will guide you through step-by-step with all the information you require.



A note on Piping/Beading

Triumph TR4A fitted with Bright Red Leather Front Seat Covers, Hood Frame Cover, and Bright Red Wool Carpets.
Triumph TR4/TR4A/TR5/TR250/TR6 Rear Seat Cushion Unit fully trimmed in a New Tan Vinyl Cover.
Triumph TR4A Front Seats fully trimmed in Midnight Blue Leather and Vinyl.
Triumph TR4A Front Seats fully trimmed in Bright Red Leather.
Triumph TR4A fitted with Midnight Blue Vinyl Interior Trim Panels, and Front Seat Covers, with Shadow Blue Wool Carpets.
Triumph TR4A fitted with Biscuit Light Tan Vinyl Door Trims, and Hood Frame Cover, with LeatherFaced Front Seat Covers.
Triumph TR4A Front Seats trimmed in Midnight Blue Vinyl Covers.
Triumph TR4A Front Seats fully trimmed in Grey Leather.
Triumph TR4A fitted with Parchment Vinyl Trim Panels, LeatherFaced Front Seats, and Camel Wool Carpets.

Triumph TR4A models originally featured White Piping on the majority of cars that left the factory production line, with a few recorded instances of Piping matching the main trim colour. 

We can also offer the largest range of non-standard “bespoke” colours schemes for those looking for a more customised finish.

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Triumph TR4A - Useful Information

Years of Manufacture: 1965 - 1967 Number Produced: 28,465 Chassis Number Range: CTC 50,001 - CTC 78,684 Designer: Giovanni Michelotti

The Triumph TR4A IRS, commonly referred to as the TR4A, was introduced in 1965. It was a direct follow on from the TR4 Soft and Surrey Top models, with a few subtle interior trim updates. Production ran for almost three years during the years 1965, 1966 and 1967, totalling 28,465 deliveries worldwide.

John Skinner Ltd has produced awarding winning interior trim and upholstery kits for over four decades, including contributions to the Jabbeke MVC575 restoration, as well as the TS01 and TS02 cars – meaning that we have been involved in arguably three most important restorations of the TR era. In collaboration with Mark Macy of Macy’s Garage (USA) – we also provided the interior trim and upholstery for the perfect-100 score Triumph Register of America Concours award in 2018; the only car in the clubs history to attain this result.